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Grammatica Latína I

This course covers the most basic rudiments of Latin grammar: declensions of nouns, adjectives, and common pronouns, conjugation of verbs in the indicative mood, and very basic syntax. We read real, but modified, Latin as we proceed in the class, but full understanding and the ability to read ancient authors requires the information taught in the intermediate class. We also add some modern spoken Latin, and may possibly look at modern texts in Latin.

The textbook is Wheelock's Latin (6th edition, revised by Richard A. La Fleur) and it is essential to have the textbook at the beginning of the course. The course lessons complement the grammatical and other instructions in the text, but do not provide the homework exercises; these are only found in the textbook.

We also provide sound files of the paradigms and some Latin sentences to aid in pronunciation.

This course is divided into 2 semesters and covers chapters 1 though 22 of the Wheelock text.

Each lesson spans one week and homework assignments are provided at the end of each lesson.

There is an examination at the end of each semester.

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