Schola Rómáno-Latína

Learn Latin with Ease

Rudímenta Latína

This is the most basic course offered by the Schola Rómáno-Latína, and serves as a first introduction to our curriculum. 

The main objective of the course is to start familiarisation with the Latin language and its historical relevance as —in the words of the textbook's author— "the world's most successful language".

This is a very general course, completely open to anyone, from those with absolutely no previous knowledge of the language to those who have learnt Latin in the past, or even those who are still learning it elsewhere.

The textbook is Tore Janson, A Natural History of Latin, translated and adapted into English by Merethe Damsgård Sørensen and Nigel Vincent, Oxford University Press 2004 (x + 305 pp). The book is easy to find, on-line and elsewhere.

This a book course, with no lessons. Students are meant to read and study the set book on their own. The teacher will just provide some notes and comments to the book, which must also be studied, and will of course answer student queries through the different Q&R forums that will be provided for each of the three parts the course is divided into. There will be one exam at the end of the course.